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Providing FEA resources to jumpstart your engineering.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a very popular numerical method for solving complex engineering problems. True cost savings using FEA are realized in solving complex problems that cannot be solved by existing analytical methods. Usually, such problems consist of non-linear geometry, materials and contacts. In addition, every commercial FEA code is different and has its own nuances.

In our experience, for every new problem, first the analyst must obtain a good understanding of the physics and then undergo a phase of trial and error to learn how to model that problem using a selected FEA code. As experienced FEA analysts we have realized that there is a knowledge gap in the FEA industry. Highly experienced FEA analysts exist in all different industries, but that knowledge is not well documented and is usually lost when the analysts leave. That is where we come in.

Our Goal

Bridging the FEA knowledge gap.

Our goal at Algo Engineering is to bridge that gap and help FEA analysts get a jump start at the problems at hand. We are working hard to provide validated models so that engineers don’t have to go through the trial and error process, and they can obtain the knowledge from our models. We also provide tools and services to improve your FEA workflow. These tools will help reduce errors and save time in pre and post processing.

Our team at Algo Engineering is always available to assist you in developing computational capabilities and expertise within your company. We hope our products and services will help you jump start your projects and obtain solutions faster and cheaper than the traditional way.

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